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Do you offer albums

Yes, but we prefer to deliver your photo's first then discuss after the wedding, it helps streamline the process when you have had a chance to see your images

Where are you based and how far do you travel?

We live in a semi rural area of Co.Armagh in the North of Ireland but we are open to travelling anywhere

Do you cover the full day

In our packages we have the option for shorter coverage which is typically prep to pre-dinner speeches - otherwise we cover from prep through to some dancefloor action

Do we get all the images

The packages have an estimated amount, this isn't necessarily a limit, but I aim to deliver a quality set of images over quantity. If you mean do we get every image I take - no, unless you want some pictures of my feet and

What happens if it rains

I take the day as it is, just enjoy yourself and we can work with whatever condition it is, there's always an option! 

can we meet before the day

I highly advise it, it helps us get to know each other a bit better, which is better than a stranger turning up on the day and sticking a camera in your face!

What equipment do you use

I use Sony A7III mirrorless cameras, they are smaller and quieter than traditional DSLRs and a range of prime lens and other gadgets to take cool pictures!

If you have any other question, get in touch!

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